What do you know Multimedia Journalist Jamal Osman?

Meet Jamal Ahmed Osman, a highly skilled Multimedia Journalist with over a decade of experience. Based in Mogadishu – Somalia, Jamal’s expertise extends beyond reporting. He has a keen eye for capturing compelling visuals through Photo and Video Shoots.

Moreover, Jamal excels in bridging language barriers by translating interviews for his stories and skillfully incorporating subtitles into his videos.

Jamal’s illustrious career has seen him working with esteemed media outlets, including Voice of America-Washington D.C., where he dedicated over seven years at the headquarters.

His Journalistic Journey has taken him to diverse locations, including Somalia and Kenya, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to delivering news that matters.

Now stationed in Mogadishu, Jamal continues to be a driving force, delivering impactful Multimedia Journalism to a Global audience.


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